Power Supply Unit 30Amp

The Power Supply Unit 30Amp is a high-capacity surveillance power distribution box designed for 18-channel security CCTV cameras, featuring individual fuses, LED light indicators, and a cooling fan for efficient operation.


The Surveillance 18-Channel Power Supply Distribution Box DC 12V is a robust and high-capacity power supply unit specifically designed for security CCTV cameras. With a 30A capacity and a built-in cooling fan, it ensures efficient power distribution while maintaining optimal operating temperatures. Each of its 18 power outputs is equipped with individual fuses and LED light indicators for easy monitoring of the power status of each connected camera. The pro-size box offers ample space for wiring, and its grey metal case with a lock provides security and protection for the power supply unit.

Specifications and Features:

  • Robust 18-channel power supply distribution box for security CCTV cameras
  • 30A capacity with integrated cooling fan for efficient operation
  • Individual fuse and LED indicator for each power output
  • Spacious pro-size box for convenient wiring
  • Secure grey metal case with a locking mechanism
  • Compatible with DC 12V surveillance systems
  • Ensures efficient and reliable power distribution for multiple cameras
  • Cooling fan maintains optimal operating temperatures
  • Built-in LED indicators for convenient power status monitoring
  • Durable construction ensures long-term reliability