BNC Crimping Tool

The BNC Crimping Tool from Major Tech offers a reliable and professional solution for crimping and connecting BNC connectors. With comfort grip handles, a ratchet mechanism, and compatibility with various ethernet cables, it ensures secure and efficient crimping.


The BNC Crimping Tool from Major Tech is designed to provide a secure and professional crimping solution for BNC connectors. This ratchet BNC crimping tool features a hexagonal crimping type and comfort grip handles, ensuring ease of use and maximum efficiency. It is suitable for use with RG58, RG59, and RG62 ethernet cables, offering versatility for various applications. The tool is equipped with a ratchet mechanism for maximum grip, professional quality drop forged jaws, and an automatic release with manual override, guaranteeing optimum crimping and a secure connection between the conductor and contact.

Specifications and Features:

  • Type: Ratchet BNC crimping tool
  • Crimping Type: Hexagonal
  • Handles: Comfort grip for user comfort
  • Cable Compatibility: RG58, RG59, and RG62 ethernet cables
  • Mechanism: Ratchet mechanism for maximum grip
  • Jaws: Professional quality drop forged
  • Release: Automatic release with manual override