Bosch Plena All-in-One Call Station 6 Zone CTN: PLN-6CS

The Bosch Plena All-in-One Call Station 6 Zone (PLN-6CS) is a stylish and high-quality call station designed for the Plena All-in-One public address system. It features six zone keys and a separate all-call key for easy zone selection, a momentary Press To Talk (PTT) key, and configurable settings for improved speech intelligibility.


The Plena All‑in‑One Call Station is a stylish, high‑quality call station that comprises a stable metal base, a flexible microphone stem, and a unidirectional condenser microphone. It has six zone keys and a separate all‑call key for easy selection of zones in a Plena All‑in‑One public address system. A large ‘Press To Talk’ (PTT) key, with re‑dial function, is used to control the call. In addition to tabletop use, the special design allows the Call Station to be neatly flush‑mounted in a desktop. Up to six Call Stations can be connected in a loop‑through arrangement to the same All‑in‑One Unit, with configurable priority.

Specifications and Features:

  • Elegant and durable call station with six zone selection keys and LED indicators
  • Momentary Press To Talk (PTT) key for easy call control
  • Customizable settings for improved speech clarity
  • Supports selection of six zones with configurable gain and speech filter
  • Balanced line‑level output for positioning up to 600 meters away
  • Built-in programming modes for easy configuration
  • Concealed rotary control for precise output level adjustment
  • LED indicators for clear system and microphone status feedback