Centurion D10 SMART Gate Motor Only

The Centurion D10 SMART Gate Motor is a high-performance sliding gate motor featuring SMART technology and wireless connectivity, offering speed, security, and reliability for gates weighing up to 1000kg.


The Centurion D10 SMART Gate Motor is a renowned performer designed for sliding gates weighing up to 1000kg. With its powerful 24V motor, die-cast aluminum gearbox, and SMART technology, this gate motor offers speed, security, and reliability, making it suitable for residential, commercial, and industrial gate automation. Its SMART hardware, connectivity, security features, uninterrupted operation, and wireless remote management via the MyCentsys Pro mobile app ensure a seamless and secure gate automation experience.

Specifications and Features:

  • Brand: Centurion
  • Model: D10 SMART
  • Compatible remotes: Nova 1 Button, 2 Button, and 4 Button (Not included)
  • Compatible backup batteries: 12v 7.2Amp and 12V 8Amp batteries (Not included)
  • Built-in SmartX controller for enhanced functionality
  • Battery-driven motor power supply with 24V DC voltage
  • Maximum number of operations per day: 750
  • Motor push force – starting: 40Kgf
  • Maximum gate mass: 1000Kg
  • Maximum gate length: 50m
  • Collision Sensing: Electronic
  • Onboard receiver type: Code-hopping multichannel receiver
  • Receiver code storage capacity: 1500 Remote buttons
  • Degree of protection: IP54 for durability and reliability