Centurion D20 Smart Industrial Gate Motor

The Centurion D20 Smart Industrial Gate Motor is a robust sliding gate motor designed for heavy gates, offering exceptional strength, SMART technology, and installer-friendly design. It is a superior choice for high-volume sites requiring uncompromising security.


The Centurion D20 Smart Industrial Gate Motor is engineered to provide unparalleled security for high-volume sites. With the strength to move a 2-ton gate, SMART technology for intelligent operation, and installer-friendly design, the D20 SMART sets a new standard in access automation. Its advanced features, including reliable Hall Effect technology for precise gate position tracking, make it an ideal choice for sites that demand top-notch security.

Specifications and Features:

Strong and Intelligent

    • Designed to handle heavy gates, capable of moving a 2-ton gate with ease
    • Incorporates SMART technology for intelligent and efficient operation
    • Features an installer-friendly design with convenient access to mounting hardware, optimized cable routing, and a dedicated accessory tray for ease of installation
    • Provides a smooth and robust performance for reliable gate operation
    • Utilizes highly reliable Hall Effect technology to ensure precise gate position tracking and pin-point stopping