Centurion G-ULTRA GSM Module

The Centurion G-ULTRA GSM Module revolutionizes GSM technology, offering flexible, mobile-based access control and monitoring. With password protection, remote administration, and the capability to monitor and control various electrical devices, it ensures unparalleled security and control.


The Centurion G-ULTRA GSM Module represents the pinnacle of GSM technology, providing users with complete control and monitoring capabilities at their fingertips. It boasts password protection for enhanced security, remote administration through the intuitive G-WEB PLUS website, and the ability to monitor and control multiple electrical devices, making it a comprehensive solution for access control and monitoring.

Specifications and Features:

  • Security: Password protection for exclusive system control
  • Monitoring and Alerting: Capable of monitoring up to four separate electrical devices
  • Remote Administration: Intuitive G-WEB PLUS website for convenient configuration and monitoring
  • Devices that can be monitored via the inputs: House alarm, electric fence, geyser status, mains power, fridge status, borehole pump status, water reservoir, entrance gate status, vehicle monitoring
  • Devices that can be controlled via the outputs: Automated entrance gates, geysers, appliances, air conditioners, borehole pumps, vehicle ignition systems, lighting systems, irrigation and water features, alarm systems