Centurion Photon Wireless Gate Beam Infrared Set

The Centurion Photon Wireless Gate Beam Infrared Set offers quick and easy gate safety with wireless technology, ensuring flexibility and cost-efficiency in installation.


The Centurion Photon Wireless Gate Beam Infrared Set revolutionizes gate safety with its wireless technology, providing a hassle-free solution for achieving a safe automation system, even in challenging installations. The set includes a wireless transmitter, eliminating the need to tunnel under the driveway for installation. Powered by two AA Alkaline batteries, the wireless transmitter ensures a straightforward setup process without the need for extensive digging or cable installation. This wireless design offers significant flexibility in beam mounting options and reduces material and labor costs, making it an efficient and cost-effective choice for gate safety.

Specifications and Features:

  • Utilizes wireless technology for simplified installation
  • Wireless transmitter powered by two AA Alkaline batteries
  • Flexible beam mounting options
  • Cost-effective solution with reduced material and labor costs
  • Straightforward setup without the need for cable installation or extensive digging