Centurion PoloPhone

The Centurion PoloPhone is a highly expandable and versatile intercom system designed for residential and small commercial use, offering exceptional ease of installation and operation.


The Centurion PoloPhone is a sophisticated and expandable intercom system suitable for residential and small commercial applications. With the ability to accommodate up to four handsets with a single entry panel or three handsets with two entry panels, the system provides excellent scalability. It enables intercommunication between two groups of handsets, offering enhanced convenience and flexibility. The system’s simple installation, using a two-wire bus throughout, ensures ease of setup. It operates on a low current 12V DC power supply and can be connected to the battery of a CENTURION gate motor for power failure protection. Each handset allows for the operation of the gate motor or door lock adjacent to the entry panel, enhancing accessibility and security. The system also features an auxiliary pushbutton for secondary functions and a built-in indicator LED for gate motor status feedback.

Specifications and Features:

  • Expandability: The system is expandable up to five components, allowing for a maximum of two entry panels, providing scalability to accommodate different property sizes and requirements.
  • Operation Modes: Offers single or dual call button modes of operation, providing flexibility in call handling for enhanced user convenience.
  • Intercommunication: Allows seamless intercommunication between two groups of handsets, enhancing communication within the system.
  • Award-winning Style: The system features an award-winning style handset, combining exceptional design with functional performance.
  • Power Supply: Operates on a 12V DC power supply with optional battery backup, ensuring continuous operation even during power failures.
  • Optional POLOswitch1: An optional POLOswitch1 can be fitted to maximize the security of the installation, adding an extra layer of protection.
  • Robust Construction: Designed with a degree of protection of IP55, ensuring durability and reliability in various environmental conditions.
  • Product Dimension: The unit has compact dimensions of 70mm(L) x 47mm(W) x 211mm(H), providing a space-efficient solution for intercom communication.