Centurion RDO Roll Up Motor Kit

The Centurion RDO Roll-Up Motor Kit features the RDO II roll-up garage door motor, offering whisper-quiet operation, reliable battery backup, and advanced safety features for secure and convenient access to your garage.


The Centurion RDO Roll-Up Motor Kit introduces the RDO II roll-up garage door motor, a 24V DC high-torque motor designed for quiet operation, complemented by reliable battery backup for uninterrupted functionality. With strong lifting capability and anti-crushing protection, the RDO II ensures safe and secure garage door operation. The motor’s quick and easy installation process, coupled with its wall-mounted controller featuring a Courtesy Light, enhances user convenience. Additionally, the onboard multichannel code-hopping receiver provides various functionalities such as opening/closing the garage door, controlling the Courtesy Light, overriding automatic closing, and electronically locking the system for added security. The kit includes the Centurion Power Head, Control Unit, 2 Centurion 4 Button Remotes, counterweight, 2 1.4ah batteries, and user manuals for comprehensive installation and operation guidance.

Specifications and Features:

  • Whisper-quiet operation ensuring minimal noise disruption
  • Reliable battery backup for uninterrupted functionality
  • Strong lifting capability and anti-crushing protection for enhanced safety
  • Quick and easy installation process for user convenience
  • Wall-mounted controller with Courtesy Light for added functionality
  • Onboard multichannel code-hopping receiver for versatile control options
  • Compatible with CENTURION infrared safety beams for enhanced security