Centurion Smartguard Access Keypad – Wired

The Centurion Smartguard Access Keypad – Wired offers unmatched functionality and reliability for standalone access control, accommodating up to 1000 unique PIN codes with versatile output configurations for diverse access scenarios.


The Centurion Smartguard Access Keypad – Wired is designed to provide comprehensive access control solutions for various settings. It has the ability to accommodate up to 1000 unique PIN codes with user-defined lengths ranging from one to ten digits, ensuring flexibility and security. With three separate outputs, each configurable to either latching or non-latching, the keypad caters to diverse access scenarios, such as controlling motorized gate entrances, pedestrian access, and house alarm activation. User codes can be selectively deleted without affecting other stored codes, adding to the convenience and control. Additionally, the keypad features a “downcounter” for granting single occasion access and the SmartSwitch functionality to maximize security.

Specifications and Features:

  • Accommodation of up to 1000 unique PIN codes
  • User-defined code length flexibility
  • Three separate outputs configurable to latching or non-latching
  • Selective user code deletion without affecting other stored codes
  • “Downcounter” for limited use codes
  • SmartSwitch functionality for enhanced security
  • Compatibility with the same memory module used on the SupaNOVA for easy backup and restoration of settings and codes