Commax 1 Button Gate station

The Commax 1 Button Gate Station is a hands-free talk replacement unit designed for use with Commax indoor handsets, offering high-quality talk functionality with household call features.


The Commax 1 Button Gate Station is a standalone unit designed to replace or enhance the existing gate station for seamless communication with Commax indoor handsets. It provides high-quality hands-free talk functionality with a household call feature, ensuring efficient and reliable communication. The power for the gate station is supplied from the indoor unit, simplifying the installation process. Each unit comes with fixing screws for easy installation.

Specifications and Features:

  • Hands-free talk functionality for efficient communication
  • Replacement gate station unit for enhanced functionality
  • High-quality talk with household call function for convenience
  • Power supplied from the indoor unit for simplified installation
  • Fixing screws included for easy setup