Commax CDV-77M 7″ Video Camera Kit

The Commax CDV-77M 7″ Video Camera Kit is a comprehensive intercom system designed to provide seamless communication and security features for residential and commercial settings. With its 7-inch TFT LCD display and versatile functionality, this kit ensures clear video talk, door lock release, and support for multiple cameras and monitors.


The Commax CDV-77M 7″ Video Camera Kit offers a comprehensive intercom solution for enhanced communication and security. Featuring a 7-inch TFT LCD display, this kit enables video talk, door lock release, and supports 2 Door Cameras, 2 Monitors, and 2 Interphones. Its PAL/NTSC convertible feature enhances its compatibility with various video standards, making it suitable for diverse settings. The outdoor model, wall-mounted design, and built-in white LED further enhance its functionality, providing reliable house call and talk capabilities for a safer and more convenient living environment.

Specifications and Features:

  • Features:
    • Equipped with a 7-inch TFT LCD display for clear visual communication
    • Enables video talk and door lock release with a hands-free design
    • Supports connection with 2 Door Cameras, 2 Monitors, and 2 Interphones
    • Offers PAL/NTSC convertible functionality for versatile video standard support
  • Camera Features:
    • Designed for outdoor use to ensure reliable performance in various environments
    • Features an illuminance monitor for clear visuals in different lighting conditions
    • Wall-mounted design for convenient installation
    • Built-in white LED for improved visibility
    • Provides house call and talk functionality for enhanced communication
    • Dimensions: 87 x 120 x 20mm for a compact and practical design