Dahua 4 Channel 1080P DIY Kit

The Dahua 4 Channel 1080P DIY Kit is a comprehensive video surveillance solution designed to provide security and peace of mind. It includes a 4 Channel DVR, 4 2mp 1080p Bullet Cameras, and all the necessary accessories for easy installation.


The Dahua 4 Channel 1080P DIY Kit is an advanced video surveillance system offered by Dahua Technology, a world-leading provider of smart IoT solutions. This kit is designed to deliver end-to-end security solutions, making it ideal for city operations, corporate management, and consumers seeking reliable and innovative security technology. With its high-quality components and user-friendly design, this kit offers a comprehensive and effective solution for monitoring and protecting various environments.

Specifications and Features:

  • Clear Video Footage: The kit is equipped with 4 2mp 1080p Bullet Cameras that deliver high-quality resolution for detailed monitoring.
  • Efficient Video Recording: The 4 Channel DVR enables seamless recording and storage of video data for comprehensive surveillance.
  • Simplified Setup: The inclusion of 4 18m RG59 Coaxial/Power ready made cables and a 4-way splitter ensures an easy and straightforward installation process.
  • Reliable Power: A dedicated power supply is provided to ensure consistent and uninterrupted operation.
  • User-Friendly Guidance: The comprehensive instruction manual offers clear and detailed instructions for installation and usage.