Dahua 8 Channel 1080p Full Color Complete Kit

Experience unparalleled night vision with the Dahua 8 Channel 1080p Full Color Complete Kit, offering superior security for both home and business use.


The Dahua 8 Channel 1080p Full Color Complete Kit provides advanced video-centric smart IoT solutions, ensuring end-to-end security for city operations, corporate management, and consumers. This system features superior Full Color night vision, delivering high-quality images even in challenging lighting conditions or total darkness. It is suitable for both home and business use, offering enhanced security and peace of mind. The DVR included in the kit incorporates Dahua’s cutting-edge Wizsense technology, further elevating its performance and reliability.

Specifications and Features:

  • Dahua 8 Channel Penta-brid XVR (DVR): Offers versatile compatibility for different camera technologies
  • Dahua 1080p Full Color 2MP Bullet Cameras (x8): Provides high-definition full-color surveillance footage
  • Xprod RG59 100m Coax Cable: Ensures efficient and reliable connectivity for the system
  • Dahua 8 Way PSU: Provides power supply for the entire system
  • 1TB WD Purple Surveillance Hard Drive: Offers ample storage capacity for surveillance footage
  • BNC Connectors (x16) and Power Jacks (x8): Essential accessories for seamless installation and connectivity