ET-Blu Mix 2 Button Remote

The ET-Blu Mix 2 Button Remote is a stylish and reliable transmitter designed for seamless compatibility with gate and garage door motors, featuring enhanced security through 433MHz code hopping technology.


The ET-Blu Mix 2 Button Remote, part of the ET-Blu Mix range of transmitters, is a stylish and compact remote designed to offer users a unique experience in transmitter technology. It is fully compatible with various gate motors, including the ET500 Plus, ET1000, Umpetha sliding gate motors, 90 Blue, Axis swing gate motors, DC Blue Digital, and ET Roll-Up garage door motors. The remote utilizes advanced 433MHz code hopping technology for secure transmission and reliable operation.

Specifications and Features:

  • Stylish and compact design for user convenience
  • Enhanced security with 433MHz code hopping technology
  • Full compatibility with various gate and garage door motors
  • Offers a unique user experience in transmitter technology
  • Suitable for remotely activating various electrical systems
  • Class-leading transmission range of up to 400m
  • Proprietary Double Encryption ET-Blu Mix Rolling Code for enhanced security
  • Robust and reliable construction
  • Fully compatible with all E.T. rolling code receivers