ET Nice Drive 300 Gate Motor Kit

The ET Nice Drive 300 Gate Motor Kit is a cost-effective, full-featured solution for automating residential gates up to 300 kg, incorporating efficient operation and advanced security features.


The ET Nice Drive 300 Gate Motor Kit presents a comprehensive solution for automating residential gates, featuring a compact and robust design tailored for durability and efficient functionality. Its high-speed, durable electric motor offers easy maintenance with removable brushes, while the tried and tested drive-train ensures exceptional robustness. The UV resistant housing endures long-term exposure to harsh climates, and the small footprint makes it ideal for installations with limited space. The kit’s efficient and reliable operation is reflected in intelligent energy management, full battery backup, intelligent battery charging, battery low and mains failure warnings, and solar power readiness. It also incorporates advanced security features such as gate forced open alarm monitoring, safety beam tamper detection, and the ET Blu Mix® enhanced rolling code receiver.

Specifications and Features:

  • Compact and durable design for residential gate automation
  • High-speed electric motor with removable brushes for easy maintenance
  • Tried and tested drive-train for exceptional durability
  • UV resistant housing for long-term endurance
  • Efficient operation with intelligent energy management and full battery backup
  • Advanced security features including gate forced open alarm monitoring and safety beam tamper detection
  • ET Blu Mix® enhanced rolling code receiver for enhanced security