EZVIZ C3X AI-Powered Dark-Fighter – Full HD WiFi Outdoor Security Camera

The EZVIZ C3X AI-Powered Dark-Fighter is a revolutionary outdoor security camera offering Full HD 1080p video, dual-lens color night vision, intelligent person and vehicle detection, active defense, two-way audio, and weatherproof housing, providing comprehensive security and peace of mind.


The EZVIZ C3X AI-Powered Dark-Fighter is a cutting-edge outdoor security camera that sets a new standard in surveillance. With Full HD 1080p video, dual-lens color night vision, intelligent AI-powered person and vehicle detection, and active defense features, this camera delivers high-tech and professional security. The C3X uses proprietary algorithms to capture rich details and realistic color by merging images from two lenses, achieving revolutionary color night vision without the need for supplemental lights. The camera actively protects designated areas with loud sirens and flashing strobe lights upon detecting intruders, and it supports customized voice alerts for added deterrence. Equipped with H.265 video compression technology, the C3X ensures clearer video with reduced storage space and bandwidth requirements. The camera’s weatherproof IP67-rated metallic enclosure guarantees year-round durability. With the EZVIZ App, users can easily capture, save, protect, and share valuable footage.

Specifications and Features:

  • Cutting-edge dual-lens color night vision technology
  • Intelligent person and vehicle detection with built-in AI algorithms
  • Weatherproof IP67-rated metallic enclosure for durability
  • H.265 video compression for clearer video and reduced storage space
  • Active defense with siren and strobe light for intruder deterrence
  • Two-way audio for interactive communication
  • Supports multiple storage options for added backup
  • Compatible with the EZVIZ App for seamless control and monitoring