Hikvision 4 Channel 4MP TURBO HD eSSD DVR

The Hikvision 4 Channel 4MP TURBO HD eSSD DVR, also known as DS-E04HQHI-B, is a high-performance security DVR with innovative eSSD technology and smart features for efficient video recording and monitoring.


The Hikvision 4 Channel 4MP TURBO HD eSSD DVR, labeled DS-E04HQHI-B, is a cutting-edge security DVR designed to provide reliable video recording and monitoring. It incorporates eSSD technology and smart functionalities to ensure efficient operation and high-quality performance.

Specifications and Features:

  • Utilizes innovative eSSD technology for efficient operation
  • Designed for low power consumption, reducing energy usage
  • Utilizes scene-adaptive bitrate control for efficient video compression
  • Employs deep learning for human and vehicle targets classification in Motion Detection 2.0
  • Supports multiple video input types for versatile connectivity
  • Capable of encoding up to 4 MP Lite@15 fps for high-resolution video capture
  • Integrates a minimalist eSSD design for low power consumption and plug-and-play use
  • Features a compact size for space-saving installation and anti-vibration design for stability
  • Employs scene-adaptive bitrate control for precise video allocation and records at up to 4 MP Lite resolution
  • Incorporates smart functions such as deep learning-based motion detection and efficient playback search