Hikvision AX PRO Smart Plug

The Hikvision AX PRO Smart Plug, model DS-PSP1-WE, offers a smart home solution, allowing users to connect and control various electrical devices. With its 868MHz two-way wireless communication and automation operating, it provides convenient and intelligent home automation.


The Hikvision AX PRO Wireless Smart Plug, model DS-PSP1-WE, presents a smart and versatile solution for end users seeking home automation. This plug enables the connection and control of electrical devices such as heaters, electric fans, and table lamps. With manual and automatic control options, including linking to different system events, this device enhances home intelligence and convenience.

Specifications and Features:

  • Utilizes 868MHz two-way wireless communication for seamless data transmission
  • Employs AES-128 encryption to ensure the security of transmitted data
  • Features an LED display for status indication and convenient monitoring
  • Offers automation operating for easy one-button turn on/off from the dedicated app, keyfob, or keypad
  • Allows setting scenarios by different events for personalized and intelligent control