Hikvision AX Pro Wireless PIR-Camera Detector

The Hikvision DS-PDPC12PF-EG2-WE is a wireless PIR-Camera Detector featuring 24/7 colorful imaging, advanced motion detection, and easy remote configuration via the app.


The Hikvision DS-PDPC12PF-EG2-WE Wireless PIR-Camera Detector is a fully supervised two-way wireless detector with a built-in high-quality camera, providing an ideal solution for video verification through motion pictures transmitted to an ARC or personal phones via apps. This detector offers a detection range of 12m / 85.9°, up to 30KG pet immunity, SEC (Smart Environmental Control) with advanced digital signal processing and 3D optics, and 24/7 colorful imaging. It is designed with a large integrated memory buffer for image storage, fully remote configurable through the app, multiple enrollment methods, and an easy installation design. The device also features an easy replaceable battery with PCB protection.

Specifications and Features:

  • Detection Range: The detector covers a range of 12m with a detection angle of 85.9°, ensuring comprehensive coverage for effective security monitoring.
  • Pet Immunity: The device offers pet immunity for pets weighing up to 30KG, reducing false alarms caused by pet movements.
  • Smart Environmental Control (SEC): Equipped with advanced digital signal processing and 3D optics, enhancing the device’s environmental monitoring capabilities.
  • 24/7 Colorful Imaging: Provides continuous colorful imaging for clear and accurate visual verification of security events.
  • Image Storage: Features a large integrated memory buffer for reliable image storage and retrieval as needed.
  • Remote Configuration: Fully configurable through the mobile app, allowing convenient and flexible setup and management.
  • Enrollment and Installation: Offers multiple enrollment methods and an easy installation design for user-friendly setup and operation.
  • Battery Replacement: The device is designed for easy battery replacement with PCB protection, ensuring continuous and reliable operation.