IDS 806 Wired Alarm Kit

The IDS 806 Wired Alarm Kit includes essential components such as a control panel, LED keypad, transformer, siren, battery, PIRs, magnetic switches, and panic buttons, providing a comprehensive alarm solution for security needs.


The IDS 806 Wired Alarm Kit is a complete security solution featuring an 806 control panel, 8 Zone LED keypad, wall mount transformer, siren, 12V 7AH battery, OPTEX RX Saver PIRs, magnetic switches, and fixed panic buttons. The control panel offers 8 programmable zones, a separate box tamper zone, 5 on-board programmable outputs, and an additional arm status output on the keypad. It also includes a 1000 event log, automatic arming, and optional tamper by zone identification. The classic series 8 zone LED keypad provides user-friendly operation with dedicated emergency keys, quick arm mode keys, keypad LED output, and panic input.

Specifications and Features:

  • 8 programmable zones for versatile security configuration
  • Separate box tamper zone for enhanced security monitoring
  • 5 on-board programmable outputs for flexible system integration
  • Additional arm status output on the keypad for convenient status indication
  • 1000 event log for detailed system activity tracking
  • Automatic arming for simplified operation
  • Optional tamper by zone identification for precise security management
  • Up/downloadable using IDSwift2 for seamless configuration management
  • Classic series 8 zone LED keypad for intuitive operation
  • 3 dedicated emergency keys for quick access to emergency functions
  • 3 quick arm mode keys for convenient arming options
  • Keypad LED output for visual status indication
  • Panic input for immediate alert activation