Nemtek Keypad Merlin 1 Zone 1 Gate

The Nemtek Keypad Merlin 1 Zone 1 Gate is a versatile single-zone keypad designed for use with the Merlin Stealth energizer, offering convenient control and programming functionalities.


The Nemtek Keypad Merlin 1 Zone 1 Gate is a single-zone keypad designed to work in conjunction with the Merlin Stealth energizer. It allows for convenient control and programming of the energizer, offering flexibility and ease of use for users. This keypad enables the adjustment of fence voltage outputs, bypassing of siren and gate outputs, and connection of up to four keypads to a single energizer, enhancing the versatility of the security system. The single zone keypad is tailored for use with the Merlin 4 energizer, ensuring seamless integration and reliable performance. With a power supply of 12V (from the energizer) and cable requirements of 3 core alarm cable, this keypad offers a user-friendly and adaptable solution for energizer control and management.

Specifications and Features:

  • Power Supply: 12V (from the energiser), ensuring reliable and efficient operation of the keypad within the security system.
  • Cable Requirements: Utilizes 3 core alarm cable for flexible and convenient installation.
  • Product Dimensions: The product dimensions are specified as mm(L) x mm(W) x mm(H), providing the physical specifications of the keypad.
  • Mass on Unit Packed: The mass of the unit packed is specified in Kg, offering insights into the weight of the product for handling and transportation purposes.
  • Warranty: The warranty details are as per the manufacturer’s policy, ensuring customer confidence and support for the product.