Optex BX-80NR Outdoor Curtain PIR

The Optex BX-80NR Outdoor Curtain PIR is a battery-operated, wireless sensor designed for perimeter protection, featuring a curtain detection range of 2 to 12m on each side and advanced features for reliable and stable detection.


The Optex BX-80NR Outdoor Curtain PIR is an innovative battery-operated outdoor sensor that offers a curtain detection range from 2 to 12m on each side, making it ideal for protecting the immediate boundary of a building. With its unique design, the sensor detects people getting right next to the wall or leaning towards the windows, providing early intrusion detection. Its advanced features include animal tolerance, double conductive shielding, advanced temperature compensation, and a size judging function, ensuring reliable and stable detection. Additionally, it operates wirelessly and can be easily added onto a wireless alarm panel, extending the protection of the house or building to the outside.

Specifications and Features:

  • Total detection area: 24 meters (12m on each side)
  • Mounting height: 0.8m to 1.2m
  • Battery saving circuit for extended battery life
  • Low current draw for efficient operation
  • Patented double conductive shielding
  • Advanced temperature compensation for enhanced sensitivity
  • Limited detection range function with size judging function for precise detection
  • Quick and easy installation without complicated wiring
  • Compatibility with any wireless system, accommodating most wireless transmitters available on the market
  • Slick design for seamless integration with any architecture