Optex FTN-ST Outdoor Curtain PIR

The Optex FTN-ST Outdoor Curtain PIR is a compact and flexible hardwired model featuring Super Multi Dimension Analysis (SMDA) logic for ultimate sensitivity optimization and perfect pet immunity, making it an ideal addition to residential and commercial security systems.


The Optex FTN-ST Outdoor Curtain PIR provides short-range curtain detection that can be adjusted with switchable lenses up to 2m or up to 5m, making it suitable for protecting front doors, windows, and balconies. This hardwired model features Super Multi Dimension Analysis (SMDA) logic, ensuring ultimate sensitivity optimization and significantly reducing false alarms. The FTN-ST is designed to be compact and flexible, with a slim body that can easily fit on a window or door recess and a built-in bracket that rotates 190 degrees. Additionally, the detector generates top and bottom passive infrared beams, ensuring that only the presence detected in both beams triggers the alarm, making it tolerant to animals such as cats, dogs, foxes, and birds. The FTN-ST also digitally analyzes the waveforms of detected objects, ignoring reflections caused by sunlight, air conditioning units, and vegetation sway, making it the ultimate stable outdoor sensor.

Specifications and Features:

  • Super Multi Dimension Analysis Logic for ultimate sensitivity optimization
  • Short-range curtain detection with adjustable 2m or 5m range
  • Perfect pet immunity and double conductive shielding for enhanced reliability
  • Digital Anti-masking (AM/RAM only) for added security
  • 190° horizontal flexibility and attractive, slender design
  • Intelligent AND logic for reliable detection
  • 100% factory-tested for reliability