Optex RXC-ST

The Optex RXC-ST Indoor PIR, featuring Digital Quad Zone Logic, advanced temperature compensation logic, and high-density pattern, offers improved accuracy and increased zone capacity for enhanced detection in various applications.


The Optex RXC-ST Indoor PIR utilizes advanced technology, including Digital Quad Zone Logic and advanced temperature compensation logic, to provide improved accuracy and increased zone capacity for enhanced detection. With a high-density pattern and multi-angle bracket support, this sensor delivers reliable performance in buildings and residential settings.

Specifications and Features:

  • Digital Quad Zone Logic: Enhances accuracy and zone capacity for improved detection
  • Advanced Temperature Compensation Logic: Automatically adjusts sensitivity under high-temperature conditions
  • Applications: Suitable for buildings and residential use
  • High Density Pattern: Provides comprehensive coverage for effective detection
  • Multi Angle Bracket: Enables flexible installation for optimal performance
  • Advanced Sealed Optics: Ensures reliable and durable operation