Optex WXI-ST Outdoor 180-degree PIR

The Optex WXI-ST Outdoor 180-degree PIR is part of the WXI series, offering comprehensive 180° field of view and adaptable settings for effective intrusion detection in new and existing security systems.


The Optex WXI-ST Outdoor 180-degree PIR, belonging to the WXI series, provides a wide 180-degree detection coverage, allowing it to effectively cover areas like front gardens, courtyards, or patio areas with a single sensor. Its double-layered detection capability enables it to ignore animals while detecting human activity. This outdoor motion sensor features independent left and right detection areas that can be set individually, allowing for customized sensitivity and detection range settings to suit specific operational requirements.

Specifications and Features:

  • Comprehensive Detection: Provides a wide 180-degree detection coverage and double-layered detection capabilities to discern human activity from animals.
  • Customizable Detection Areas: Features independent left and right detection areas with adjustable sensitivity and range settings to meet specific operational needs.
  • Versatile Applications: Ideal for use in buildings, approach paths, roofs, gardens, and garages.
  • Key Attributes:
    • 12m 180-degree PIR for external intrusion detection
    • SMDA logic for enhanced environmental variance adaptation
    • Two independent detection areas left and right, suitable for CCTV camera presets
    • Selectable pulse count for further customization.