Pyronix Colt Indoor PIR

The Pyronix Colt Indoor PIR, also known as COLT10DL, is a powerful and compact wired detector compatible with all Alarm System panels. It offers a 10m detection range, volumetric coverage of 90°, and intelligent features such as pet immunity up to 10kg, ensuring inconspicuous yet effective security for residential applications.


The Pyronix Colt Indoor PIR, with the designation COLT10DL, is designed to provide comprehensive security coverage for residential environments. Featuring a 10m detection range, 90° volumetric coverage, and 56 zones with 5 planes, this compact detector ensures thorough and reliable security monitoring. Its intelligent PI (Pet Immune) technology enables pet immunity up to 10kg, distinguishing between intruders and pets. Additionally, the Digi Logic technology offers advanced signal processing, allowing the detector to differentiate between slow meandering signals and fast rising signals, ensuring accurate detection. Furthermore, the detector’s automatic temperature compensation feature adjusts sensitivity in hot environments to maintain its range, while the auto sensitivity function automatically adapts to varying environmental conditions.

Specifications and Features:

  • 10m detection range with 90° volumetric coverage
  • 56 detection zones and 5 detection planes for comprehensive monitoring
  • Pet immunity up to 10kg for reliable security in residential settings
  • Digi Logic technology for advanced signal processing
  • Automatic temperature compensation for sensitivity adjustment in hot environments
  • Auto sensitivity feature for automatic adjustment based on environmental conditions
  • Sealed optics and ABS plastics for durable and reliable operation
  • Security Grade 2, Environmental class II for enhanced security standards