Sunsynk 8Kw Hybrid Inverter 48V

The Sunsynk 8kW Hybrid Inverter, SYNK-8K-SG01LP1, offers a comprehensive solution for managing power from various energy sources, making it suitable for both home and business use. It provides the flexibility to scale up as needed, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications.


The Sunsynk 8kW Hybrid Inverter, SYNK-8K-SG01LP1, is a versatile power management solution designed to reduce electricity costs by effectively utilizing energy from solar panels, batteries, the national electricity grid, generators, and wind turbines. Whether used for UPS backup power, grid-tied applications, complete hybrid systems, or completely off-grid setups, this inverter provides a scalable and adaptable solution for diverse energy needs.

Specifications and Features:

  • UPS Backup Power: Initiate with batteries and inverter only, and subsequently incorporate panels.
  • Grid-tied Applications: Utilize panels and inverter only initially, and later integrate batteries.
  • Complete Hybrid System: Incorporate batteries and solar panels that are expandable.
  • Off-grid Capability: Establish a fully independent system for diverse energy needs.