Takex MS-12FE Dual-Zone 12m x 180 Degrees

The Takex MS-12FE Dual-Zone 12m x 180 Degrees PIR Motion Sensor is a reliable outdoor swivel sensor designed to minimize false alarms caused by animals, featuring a dual-zone detection system and customizable detection modes.


The Takex MS-12FE Dual-Zone 12m x 180 Degrees PIR Motion Sensor offers a robust solution for outdoor motion detection. Its dual-zone detection system combines a horizontal curtain with a downward curtain, requiring simultaneous activation for an alarm, effectively minimizing false alarms caused by animals. With a coverage range of 2-12m and rotating sensor heads with ±90° horizontal adjustment, this sensor provides adaptable and precise detection capabilities. It also offers selectable NO/NC relay output with a 2sec-5min timer function, AND/OR detection modes, and an IP54 housing, making it suitable for both domestic and industrial applications.

Specifications and Features:

  • Reliable dual-zone detection system for outdoor motion detection
  • Coverage range of 2-12m provides adaptable application potential
  • Rotating sensor heads with ±90° horizontal adjustment for precise detection
  • Selectable NO/NC relay output with 2sec-5min timer function for customizable operation
  • AND/OR detection modes offer flexibility in usage
  • IP54 housing ensures durability and weather resistance
  • Designed to be pet friendly for outdoor motion detection