TAKEX wired 180° Outdoor PIR – Wired

The TAKEX Wired 180° Outdoor PIR – Wired is a sophisticated dual-zone detection system with anti-masking technology, designed to provide comprehensive intruder detection with customizable coverage.


The TAKEX MX-12FAM is an adjustable 180° outdoor PIR with advanced anti-masking technology, offering a dual-zone detection system and up to 180-degree wide-angle coverage. It features dual alarm signal outputs, front and back tamper detection, and stowable area masks for customizable coverage patterns. Equipped with pulse count and sensitivity adjustment capabilities, this wired PIR ensures operational stability in various conditions and includes a sophisticated anti-masking system with near-lens awareness to expose any attempts to compromise the sensor.

Specifications and Features:

  • Detection system: Dual-zone with up to 180° wide-angle coverage
  • Anti-masking technology with near-lens awareness
  • Front and back tamper detection for added security
  • Selectable pulse count of 1 & 3 for customization
  • Sensitivity adjustment range: 60-120%
  • Dual alarm signal outputs for flexible connectivity