Vention USB-C Charge & Data 2.0 Cable (3A)

The Vention USB-C Charge & Data 2.0 Cable (3A) is a durable and versatile cable designed for high-current charging, fast data transferring, and universal compatibility with various devices featuring USB-C ports.


The Vention USB-C Charge & Data 2.0 Cable (3A) boasts a high-current charging capability of 3A, ensuring fast data transferring with a speed of up to 480Mb/s. Its aluminum alloy shell guarantees efficient heat dissipation during charging and supports Huawei FCP/Qualcomm QC and other fast charge technologies, enabling devices to sync and charge simultaneously. With a durable PVC jacket, extended tail, nickel-plated interface, and one-piece interface design, this Type-C cable offers exceptional flexibility and durability, having undergone extensive swapping tests for both USB and USB-C connectors. Additionally, the built-in 56kΩ safety resistor ensures safe use, protecting devices during charging. Universally compatible with computers and cellphones featuring USB-C ports, this cable is suitable for a wide range of devices from various brands such as Apple, Huawei, Honor, Xiaomi, HP, Dell, Lenovo, Samsung, and Google.

Specifications and Features:

  • 3A high current charging and fast data transferring
  • Efficient heat dissipation with aluminum alloy shell
  • Support for Huawei FCP/Qualcomm QC and other fast charge technologies
  • 480Mb/s data transfer speed
  • Durable design with PVC jacket, extended tail, and nickel-plated interface
  • In-built 56kΩ safety resistor
  • Broad compatibility with USB-C devices