Power Supply Unit 10Amp

The Power Supply Unit 10Amp is a surveillance 9-channel fused power supply distribution box designed for efficient and safe power distribution to multiple cameras.


The Power Supply Unit 10Amp is a high-quality surveillance power supply distribution box that features 9 individual power outputs, each equipped with its own fuse and LED light indicator for easy monitoring of the power status of each connected camera. The pro-size box offers ample space for wiring and is divided into low voltage and high voltage operation to ensure high voltage protection. Encased in a durable grey metal case with a lock, this power supply unit provides both security and reliability for your surveillance system.

Specifications and Features:

  • 9-channel fused power supply distribution box
  • Individual fuse and LED indicator for each power output
  • Spacious pro-size box for convenient wiring
  • Enhanced protection with low and high voltage operation
  • Secure grey metal case with locking mechanism
  • 10Amp power supply capacity
  • Compatible with DC 12V surveillance systems
  • Facilitates safe and efficient power distribution for multiple cameras
  • Built-in LED indicators for convenient power status monitoring
  • Robust construction ensures long-term reliability