Centurion D5 Smart Motor Kit with Anti-Theft Bracket

The Centurion D5 Smart Motor Kit is a revolutionary gate motor featuring smart technologies for enhanced security and ease of use, including a theft-resistant bracket for outstanding security.


The Centurion D5 Smart Motor Kit introduces smart technologies to gate automation, offering a perfect balance between security and safety with a top speed of up to 36 meters per minute. It features advanced diagnostic feedback, intelligent logging, and reporting for easier maintenance. The wireless user interface allows easy setup and configuration from a smartphone, while the smart hardware provides easy access to mounting hardware and optimized cable management for a neat installation. The motor kit also includes a theft-resistant cage with a patented design for enhanced security, a vibration sensor to detect tampering, and an intelligent battery charger with onboard diagnostics. Additionally, it incorporates hall effect technology for improved position control, individually-configurable inputs and outputs, and a convenient single-action manual release.

Specifications and Features:

  • Top speed of up to 36 meters per minute
  • Advanced diagnostic feedback and intelligent logging
  • Wireless user interface for easy setup and configuration
  • Smart hardware with optimized cable management
  • Onboard multichannel NOVA receiver with 1500 button memory
  • Theft-resistant cage for enhanced security
  • Vibration sensor for tamper detection
  • Intelligent battery charger with onboard diagnostics
  • Improved position control system with hall effect technology
  • Individually-configurable inputs and outputs
  • Convenient single-action manual release