Hikvision 8 Channel 1080p ColorVu Kit with Audio Cameras

The Hikvision 8 Channel 1080p ColorVu Kit with Audio Cameras is the latest addition to Hikvision’s ColorVu Series, featuring built-in microphones for live audio via coaxial, enhancing overall security with live sound streaming.


The Hikvision 8 Channel 1080p ColorVu Kit with Audio Cameras is Hikvision’s latest offering in the ColorVu Series, integrating live audio via coaxial with built-in microphones in the cameras. This innovative feature eliminates the need for additional wiring or equipment, providing live sound streaming to enhance overall security. Hikvision, a leading player in the surveillance industry, continues its tradition of excellence with the powerful new ColorVu Technology. This technology enables the cameras to produce colorful videos even in extremely dimly lit environments, addressing the challenge of capturing clear and detailed images in low-light conditions, where conventional cameras often struggle.

Features and Specifications:

  • Cutting-Edge ColorVu Technology: Empowers the cameras to capture vividly colorful videos in extremely low-light conditions, ensuring enhanced visibility and detailed footage.
  • Integrated Audio Functionality: Equipped with built-in microphones for live audio streaming via coaxial, providing an additional layer of security and surveillance.
  • Simplified Installation: The integration of audio via coaxial eliminates the need for extra wiring or equipment, streamlining the setup process.
  • High-Performance DVR: The Hikvision Turbo HD 8 Channel DVR (DS-7108HGHI-K1) delivers top-notch video recording and playback capabilities for up to 8 channels.
  • Enhanced Surveillance Cameras: The 2MP 1080P ColorVu Audio Bullet Cameras (DS-2CE10DF0T-PFS) offer high-resolution video and audio capabilities for comprehensive surveillance coverage.
  • Ample Storage Capacity: The included 1TB Surveillance Hard Drive ensures extensive storage for video recordings, enabling prolonged footage retention.
  • Convenient Cabling Solution: The Xprod RG59 Cable (100m Roll) is provided for efficient and hassle-free cabling during installation.
  • Comprehensive Connectivity: The package includes Power Jacks and BNC Connectors for seamless setup and connectivity.