EZVIZ HB8 Battery-Powered PT Wi-fi Camera

The EZVIZ HB8 Battery-Powered PT Wi-Fi Camera is a revolutionary security camera that offers 2K+ resolution, 360-degree panoramic coverage, and an ultra-long 210-day battery life. With optional solar power, this camera provides unparalleled flexibility and performance, making it an exceptional choice for outdoor surveillance needs.


The EZVIZ HB8 Battery-Powered PT Wi-Fi Camera is a one-of-a-kind security solution that captures details from all directions with its 360-degree view and sharp 2K+ resolution. With an ultra-long 210-day battery life, it eliminates the complex installation of outdoor cameras while delivering performance equivalent to its wired counterparts. The camera, when connected to the compatible EZVIZ Solar Panel, ensures constant power, providing peace of mind against low-battery concerns. Equipped with a pan-and-tilt design and advanced 2K+ resolution, it offers comprehensive protection and detailed surveillance of large areas effortlessly. The camera’s smart detection capabilities, auto-tracking feature, vivid color night vision, and free video storage further enhance its utility and effectiveness in outdoor security applications.

Specifications and Features:

  • Battery Life: Offers an ultra-long 210-day battery life for extended surveillance
  • Resolution: Provides sharp 2K+ resolution for detailed imagery
  • Panoramic Coverage: Offers a 360-degree view for comprehensive monitoring
  • Storage: Includes free 32 GB eMMC storage for convenient video storage
  • Smart Detection: Integrates a PIR sensor and person-shape detection algorithm for intelligent motion detection
  • Auto-Tracking: Capable of tracking the whole process of an activity for enhanced monitoring
  • Color Night Vision: Equipped with built-in spotlights for vivid color imaging in dark conditions
  • Solar Panel Compatibility: Works with EZVIZ Solar Panel for continuous power supply
  • Smart Integration: Compatible with Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa for seamless smart home integration
  • Weatherproof Design: Designed for outdoor use with IP65 weatherproof rating
  • Two-Way Talk: Supports two-way communication for added convenience