Nemtek Merlin 4i Energizer

The Nemtek Merlin 4i Energizer is a versatile security solution equipped with a keypad for remote control and programming, offering robust protection for both home and commercial environments.


The Nemtek Merlin 4i Energizer is designed with user convenience in mind, featuring a keypad for controlling and programming the energizer. This allows for flexible installation near the fence, while the keypad can be positioned for optimal user accessibility. With the capability to support up to four keypads, this energizer offers a comprehensive security solution for home and commercial settings. It incorporates robust and flexible design features, alongside advanced functionalities such as tamper monitoring, armed response radio or GSM module connectivity, lightning and power surge protection, intelligent power saving, and gate monitoring capabilities.

Specifications and Features:

  • Output energy: 3.7 Joule (single zone)
  • Versatile design suitable for home and commercial security
  • Incorporates built-in alarm for tamper and fault monitoring on high voltage and earth fence wires
  • Supports connectivity to armed response radio or GSM module
  • Provides comprehensive lightning and power surge protection
  • Includes intelligent power saving functionality for extended battery life
  • Operates using 230V mains power with built-in battery backup
  • Features gate alarm input to monitor gate status
  • Offers gate chime for gate open/close alerts
  • Allows adjustment of fence voltage outputs using the keypad
  • Enables bypassing of siren and gate outputs using the keypad