Sherlo Panic Button Remote

The Sherlo Panic Button Remote features a big red button, moisture-proof design, and unique antenna design for increased range, making it ideal for frail care facilities, shop keepers, and home use.


The Sherlo Panic Button Remote is specifically designed with a big red button for quick and easy activation, catering to the needs of elderly and frail individuals. Its moisture-proof design ensures reliability in various environments, while the unique antenna design, integrated with the pendant chain, enhances the range by 50%. This remote operates on a 12V battery (23A Alkaline) and includes a low battery LED indicator. Its applications range from frail care facilities and nurse call systems to panic activation for shopkeepers and response officer use.

Specifications and Features:

  • Designed with a big red button for quick activation
  • Features a moisture-proof design for enhanced reliability
  • Unique antenna design with pendant chain increases range by 50%
  • Operates on a 12V battery (23A Alkaline) with a low battery LED indicator
  • Ideal for frail care facilities, nurse call systems, shopkeepers, and response officers
  • Utilizes Code-Hopping encryption for secure transmission
  • Offers a range of 500m in open air with a voltage range of 10V – 13V
  • Current on transmit: 32mA, Sleep Mode: 1uA
  • Compact dimensions (LxBxH): 70 x 37 x 18mm
  • Operating temperature: -3°C to 65°C
  • Recommended for use with RX1-500m or RX4-500 receiver, alternative RX1-150 for short range applications