Optex BX80N Boundary Guard Beam

The Optex BX80N Boundary Guard Beam is a reliable perimeter beam designed to create a multi-layered, horizontal barrier for detecting intruders and sounding the alarm before a break-in occurs, providing comprehensive protection for a long area.


The Optex BX80N Boundary Guard Beam is engineered to offer unparalleled protection by creating a multi-layered, horizontal barrier that detects intruders before they breach the perimeter. With a coverage of 12m on each of its two sides, this boundary guard beam ensures comprehensive surveillance. Its limited detection range function and size-judging function enhance its accuracy, while the audible alarm indicator provides an extra layer of security. The attractive slender design and easy installation make the BX80N an ideal choice for perimeter security solutions.

Specifications and Features:

  • Weight: 1Kg
  • Comprehensive coverage of 12m x two sides for perimeter surveillance
  • Compact size (mm): 233H x 55W x 69D for versatile installation
  • Multi-layered, horizontal barrier for early intrusion detection
  • Limited Detection Range Function for precise and accurate surveillance
  • Size-Judging Function to discern between large and small objects within the detection area
  • Audible Alarm Indicator for added security and immediate alerting
  • Attractive Slender Design for discreet and seamless integration
  • Easy Installation for convenient setup and deployment