Paradox DG85 Wired Outdoor PIR

The Paradox DG85 Wired Outdoor PIR is a high-security digital motion detector module with a weatherproof design, providing precision movement analysis, superior dependability, and resistance to environmental challenges.


The Paradox DG85 Wired Outdoor PIR is part of the DG85 Series, offering exceptional high-security digital motion detection for outdoor applications. Equipped with patented 100% Digital Detection, Auto-Pulse Signal Processing, and Digital Automatic Temperature Compensation, this detector ensures outstanding performance and false-alarm immunity. Its impact and temperature-resistant casing, along with a UV-protected lens, dual optics, and multilevel sensitivity adjustment, makes it a reliable choice for outdoor security needs.

Specifications and Features:

  • Designed for outdoor use with hardwired installation
  • Offers 11 x 11m detection coverage for comprehensive outdoor security
  • Impact and temperature-resistant casing (-35°C to 50°C) for reliable performance in various conditions
  • Patented Digital Motion Detection ensures precision and reliability
  • Features a dual optical filtering system and UV protected lens
  • Equipped with dual optics including 2 dual opposed element sensors
  • Provides multilevel sensitivity adjustment for customizable security settings
  • Supports two operational modes (Bus or Relay operation)